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Welcome to our online model tree catalogue. From this page you can browse our selection of miniature model trees, view trees by color and type and add trees to your shopping cart for purchase. Don’t see the miniature tree you were looking for? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to make a request.

Our Model trees range in size and shape to fit a variety of scales. From Z scale to O scale, you'll find a tree to suite your every need; A tall deciduous giant in Z scale works well as a small bush or shrub in N scale or HO scale. Use your imagination, build hedges, ground cover, orchards and forests with our wide variety and selection, colours and shape.


Model Tree Scale Chart

Use the scale charts below to determine the correct tree size for your next model project or diorama.

Scale Ratio   1 inch   2 inches   3 inches   4 inches
Z 1:220 18 feet 37 feet 55 feet 73 feet
N 1:160 13 feet 27 feet 40 feet 53 feet
TT 1:120 10 feet 20 feet 30 feet 40 feet
HO 1:87 7 feet 15 feet 22 feet 29 feet
OO 1:76 6 feet 13 feet 19 feet 25 feet
S 1:64 5 feet 11 feet 16 feet 21 feet
O 1:48   4 feet     8 feet   12 feet   16 feet
Scale Ratio   3 Cm   5 Cm   7 Cm   10 Cm
Z 1:220 6.6 m 11.0 m 15.4 m 22 m
N 1:160 4.8 m 8.0 m 11.2 m 16 m
TT 1:120 3.6 m 6.0 m 8.4 m 12 m
HO 1:87 2.6 m 4.4 m 6.1 m 8.7 m
OO 1:76 2.3 m 3.8 m 5.3 m 7.6 m
S 1:64 1.9 m 3.2 m 4.5 m 6.4 m
O 1:48   1.4 m   2.4 m   3.4 m   4.8 m

Purchasing Instructions

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Contact Us

For all sales related inquiries, please email us directly at:

For custom and OEM related questions, please email us at: We supply a wide range of tree related products, not all have made it to the web site yet, so if you have custom requirements please contact us. We have received a large number of inquiries for samples and special products and due to the time requirements and costs we charge a very reasonable fee for this service based on your needs. These charges will be quoted prior to any commitment on your part.

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